Assassin's Creed III: Remastered not for Nintendo Switch

Okay, well, that’s a twist. We recently reported on a rumor about Czech retail sites listing a remaster of Assassin’s Creed III for Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft has now officially announced Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered, which will release on Mar. 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC… and that’s it.

It’s possible Ubisoft is holding back a Switch announcement at Nintendo’s behest for something like a future Nintendo Direct. When GameSpot asked them about it, Ubisoft gave a generic response about how the company does not comment on rumors and speculation. But until we hear otherwise, ACIII for Nintendo Switch is bogus.

However, those who want to play the game on other platforms will be happy to hear that Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered will contain the Vita spinoff Liberation, in addition to the “Tyranny of King Washington” DLC and 4K HDR upgrades on PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC. And if you bought Assassin’s Creed Odyssey‘s season pass, you’ll actually get this game for free!

It’s better than nothing.


John Friscia
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