Most Switch Online subscribers are buying monthly rather than yearly


    Earlier this month, we found out that about 8 million accounts have registered for Nintendo Switch Online. For a paid service that just launched back in September, that’s not too bad of a statistic. But, Nintendo hasn’t been open with breaking down exactly what categories the user base is falling into. Some insight on that was given during the Q&A section of the company’s recent investor’s briefing.

    According to President Furukawa, it turns out that the majority of Switch Online users aren’t in it for the long haul.  He mentioned that “a growing percentage is now opting for shorter plans like the one-month membership”. Naturally, Furukawa confirmed that Nintendo would much prefer these users to sign up for long-term plans, and as a result, he wants to “build relationships with consumers and enrich the content”. In order to achieve this, he reiterated that the company will be expanding the service later this year in order to “boost appeal”, but said that there are no specific plans to announce at this time.

    Movin’ On Up?

    Hopefully, the changes that Nintendo intends to make will come sooner rather than later. For a new network, it’s surprisingly lacking in terms of features. Sony and Microsoft have had their services for several years now, so it’s still a little surprising to a lot of Switch owners that Nintendo’s offering is so far behind.

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    This is likely the reason as to why the majority of Switch Online users didn’t opt to go with the annual plan. At only $4, it isn’t difficult to decide to only sign-up for a month or two at a time. For Nintendo to improve these statistics, it has to listen to fan feedback and implement things like system-level voice chat, messaging, the removal of friend codes (if possible), and more powerful servers for smoother gameplay experiences.

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