Starlink | Nintendo franchise needs a revival

So, that rumored Star Fox racing game sort of exists–in the upcoming Starlink: Battle for Atlas update coming this Spring. However, starship races are just one part of what promises to be a pretty massive update. Star Fox team members Peppy, Slippy, and Falco are joining the game with their own unique abilities.  Once the update comes, you’ll be able to use team Star Fox to take on a new array of challenging missions–plus, Slippy, Peppy, and Falco can be used in any of Fox’s missions from the main game.

As for what team Star Fox will be doing in these new missions, we cannot be entirely sure, but classic Star Wolf members Leon, Andrew, and Pigma will be directly involved. Such was confirmed during today’s Direct when the team made an appearance.

It appears that Starlink’s Spring update will pack a lot of content, and Star Fox fans will have a lot to be excited about in particular. Fans of the game–are you looking forward to this new content, or have you already had your fill with the main game? We enjoyed Starlink in our initial review, and look forward to seeing what this update amounts to.

Andrew Rockett
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