Did my fellow gamers catch yesterday’s Nintendo Direct? Were all your hopes and dreams validated/crushed? Personally, I was floored over the announcement that Link’s Awakening is being remade. The second I saw that green tunic on the boat, I knew some excitement was about to happen. However, we all should have known the news was coming. Nintendo left a small clue earlier in the Direct that foreshadowed the reveal.

Well, now I feel dumb

Eagle-eyed Nintendo Life writer Ryan Craddock was the first person to Tweet the tease:

Damn! How did I not recognize the egg in which the Wind Fish slumbers?!

I bet a lot of people didn’t put two and two together. The purple egg showed up during the Smash Bros. Ultimate segment of the Direct. Eggs usually bring Yoshi to mind in Smash Bros. terms, since the dinosaur can trap opponents in his own homemade shells. No one was thinking of the purple spots being a clue to something greater!

Did any fellow Enthusiasts catch the reference to the Wind Fish? Are you pumped for the Link’s Awakening Switch remake? Give us your answers to these burning questions in the comment section below!

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