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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that how you sit very important. However, it took me a bit too long to realize that. I had been slouching over my kitchen table in a standard wooden kitchen chair for at least eight hours a day during my video editing and writing sessions. Doing so, of course, led to me having severe back problems in my mid 20’s.

So what did I do? Well, I stopped sitting. For the past year or so I’ve been standing at my kitchen counter while I work to avoid any further issues. However, I finally decided it’s time to get back into the sitting game, and luckily, the fine people over at EwinRacing sent us one of their high-quality chairs for review. Are you in the market for a gaming chair? Then I have some good news for you! EwinRacing’s “Calling Series” could be exactly what you’re looking for.

First off, I can’t go without mentioning just how slick the design is. With extreme attention to detail in its design, you can tell EwinRacing showers its gaming chairs with tender love and care. They have a variety of styles and colors but I went with a sleek blue design with fantastic stitching across the front.


One thing I did not expect was the weight of the chair. This thing is pretty hefty! I have kids who, every now and then, like to play at my desk. It’s nice knowing that they will not be able to tip this chair over due to its weight. It’s a lot safer than my previous chair which would easily fall over. However, due to the weight, it much harder to roll around, especially if you’re on carpet. Which is probably my only gripe with this product.

One thing I could not believe was how easy it was to assemble. I am pretty challenged when it comes to assembling pretty much anything. I seriously suck at it. And when I took everything out of the box at first I was overwhelmed that it would be difficult, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s pretty much just a few screws and simply popping on the wheels. Easy as pie!

This model, in particular, comes with all of the bells and whistle‘s you would expect, plus some you might not. I was happy to find out that you can adjust the arms to your liking. Whether it’s a low relaxed position or keeping them up high for comfort while typing. Along with that the chair easily reclines and features the standard raising and lowering function.

This EwinRacing chair offers a head pillow and lumbar support. While I should probably use the lumbar support, I find the chair just isn’t as comfortable with it if you are just trying to sit back, relax, and play some games. So I take it off whenever I game, but put it back on whenever I’m working, sitting up straight. Luckily, the lumbar support and head pillow can easily be removed and attached back on.

I’ll never go back

I’ll be honest, I am not used to luxurious chairs. When I first sat in the chair it felt like I was up in heaven laid back on marshmallow clouds. This is a huge step up from my kitchen chair and my standard computer chair. I have been using the EwinRacing’s gaming chair for almost a week now and as you would expect, when I first sat in it, it was a bit stiffer than what it would end up feeling like 20 hours of sitting later. Letting the chair mold to your body takes a little time but ultimately leads to even greater comfort.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge of knowing other gaming chairs on the market, so I can’t really compare this to anything similar. But if you’re new to getting into a racing/gaming chair like I was, you can’t really go wrong with EwinRacing. Recently, a friend of mine upgraded to a racing chair as well. However, he went to the cheaper route and unfortunately, it didn’t pay off. The comfort and features of his chair don’t match EwinRacing. When you think about how much time you are going to be spending in a chair it’s much better to go with a high-quality build. You want to get as much bang for your buck as you can, and with this chair, I think it’s going to last me a long time.

You can buy this model on EwinRacing’s online store (currently 38% off!). Use can also use our discount code “brett” for 10% off! Are you planning to buy a new gaming chair? Leave all of your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our Facebook page.

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EwinRacing Calling Series gaming chair


Overall Score



  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy weight/durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Spins a bit slow
  • Rolling can be tough due to weight
Brett Medlock
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