Lost Reavers

On February 27, Bandai Namco announced via Twitter that its free to play, multiplayer, online-only Wii U title Lost Reavers will be gone forever on May 30. This will end a three year run for the action title that released right in the thick of the Wii U’s twilight.

In-game purchases are available through March 28, though I am not sure what would drive anyone to purchase anything in a game that will be gone for good in just a few months. The cancellation announcement is shown below.

If you’re morbidly curious about Lost Reavers, well, the clock’s ticking. As an action title with cooperative shooting, puzzle-solving, and relic-grabbing, the game’s flop was rather disappointing. Lost Reavers never made much of a splash upon release, evidenced by its rather dismal Metacritic score of 46, and it seems destined to go out the way it came in: with a whimper, shortly before being forgotten forever.

Andrew Rockett
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