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Jet Set Radio idea teased by WayForward director

    Jet Set Radio idea teased by WayForward director

    Jet Set Radio is one of those franchises that is uniquely its own. The cel-shaded art style and graffiti-based gameplay helped it earn a special place in our hearts. The soundtrack, however, composed by Hideki Naganuma, still remains as some of the best music in gaming history. And it seems that WayForward also recognizes the man’s accomplishments.

    In the below tweet, WayForward game director and designer James Montagna responded to Naganuma. The composer simply states how he’s supposed to live without a new Jet Set Radio. Montagna, clearly a fan, seems to spark the idea for a possible collaboration.

    James Montagna has been a game director and designer at WayForward since 2006. His credits include Shantae titles Pirate’s Curse and Risky’s Revenge, A Boy and His Blob, and Mighty Switch Force! The idea of a new Jet Set Radio in 2D is certainly intriguing.

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    It’s not inconceivable either. A 2001 Game Boy Advance port of Jet Set Radio turned the 3D game into a 2D overhead isometric version of its original release. It played well too despite the handheld’s limitations.

    Even if Montagna and Naganuma teamed up, there would be the issue of getting Sega to play ball. Their last use of Jet Set Radio involved the HD remaster released in 2012. Despite fans clamoring for more, there hasn’t even been a hint from the company on any future plans. Perhaps this is the nudge they need? We sure hope so.

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