Monolith Soft Xenoblade Chronicles fantasy action RPG IP

Takahashi No. 1 Production Development Team at Monolith Soft has put out a hiring call for a game that recently entered development. This is exciting news because this is the team that has built every Xenoblade game. This could mean that Xenoblade Chronicles 3Xenoblade Chronicles X 2, or a brand new Xeno-esque game is in the works.

Aside from the likes of Pokémon, you could easily argue that Xenoblade has become the premier RPG franchise on Nintendo platforms. Xenoblade Chronicles was a resounding breath of fresh air on Wii, and its later New 3DS port was well deserved. Xenoblade Chronicles X found its own niche and fanbase on Wii U. Then Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sold so well on Switch that it warranted a full-blown standalone expansion pack. Financially speaking, cranking out another game in the franchise is probably the safest thing Monolith Soft could do at this juncture.

However, Monolith Soft is also currently working on a brand new fantasy action RPG IP with some Western game design sensibilities. So no matter where you are at Monolith Soft, it has to be a very interesting time to be employed there!

(Personally, I’m hoping they return to the space opera theatrics of things like Xenosaga someday. What about you?)


John Friscia
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  1. I’d love to for their next xeno game to be X-2. Regardless I’m sure I’ll love whatever they put out. Fast becoming my favourite JRPG dev

  2. Xenogears Remake would be the bee’s knees.

  3. I’d love any Xeno related. A remaster/remake of the Xenosaga games? Sure. A Xenogears that is 100% instead of 1 disc only? Yes. Some game that connects Xenoblade to the Xenogears/Xenosaga mythos while fleshing out the arcs they weren’t able to accomplish, yet? Definitely.

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