Castle Crashers

I love a good tease. It’s exciting to speculate with fellow gamers over what a developer might imply when they post a screenshot or something cryptic online. Not even a day ago, developer The Behemoth posted something juicy on its Twitter. Based on the photographic evidence, its Xbox Live Arcade darling, Castle Crashers, is Switch-bound.

Co-op perfection distilled in video game form

Here is what The Behemoth dangled in front of the gaming world as if we were all horses hungry for a delicious carrot:

My immediate response to this:

Castle Crashers

There is no doubt in my mind that this picture is proof that Castle Crashers is well on its way to Switch. Those are four Joy-Con, with each controller’s color representing one of the main knight characters from the game. Unless The Behemoth is simply advocating for Castle Crasher-themed Switch controllers. In which case: poor form, guys. Excellent suggestion, though.

If the incredible beat’em up is indeed coming, it will be the first time Castle Crashers appears on a Nintendo console. There is no better place for it, either. The Switch has various peripherals to accommodate Castle Crashers‘ four-player co-op insanity. In addition, Switch is one of the last advocates for couch co-op, as other consoles have shifted their focus towards online co-op as their new standard. Lastly, the game is just a joy to play with friends. You can’t replicate four buddies riding on poop-spraying deer anywhere else.

Fellow gamers, are you hyped for Castle Crashers on Switch? Let us know your honest thoughts down below!

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