The Behemoth announces Castle Crashers Remastered for Nintendo Switch

    Castle Crashers Remastered - The Behemoth - Nintendo Switch

    The side-scrolling beat ’em up title, Castle Crashers Remastered from The Behemoth, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on an unspecified date later this year according to an official announcement on the studio’s blog. The original version of the Castle Crashers launched on Xbox 360 in 2008. Since then, it’s made its way to the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox One. Now the Nintendo Switch (and PlayStation 4) will receive the remastered version of the decade-old romp. This comes after the developer teased the possibility for a Castle Crashers Switch edition on Twitter.

    The official blog posting from the game’s developer, The Behemoth, indicates all the changes that come with the remastered version including a special mini-game, better textures and framerates clocking in at 60 fps, all of the previous DLC ranging from characters to weapons, and a multitude of other performance updates to enhance the experience.

    The developer specifically noted that Castle Crashers Remastered for the Nintendo Switch will incorporate “HD Rumble, Switch Online, and 4 player local Joy-Con support.” Handheld and docked modes will be supported here.

    Where’s the sequel?

    Being absolutely self-aware, crew at The Behemoth knew that fans would be wondering why a sequel hasn’t came to fruition in place of these new ports. Dan Paladin, with The Behemoth studio, writes that he often sees “people claim we would never make a sequel.” However, Paladin states that is untrue. He continued, “We might make one someday, but it would have to hit all the right points at the right times. It has to be a product that would end up vastly improved, rather than ‘more of the same’, which is only something we can accomplish with gaining experience.”

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    Alternatively, Paladin noted that Castle Crashers wouldn’t have even happened if they made sequels of other titles like Alien Hominid. And focusing on a Castle Crashers sequel at this juncture would stifle progress on new titles from the studio, as well. For now, we’ll have the remastered version for Nintendo Switch to look forward to at some point this year.


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