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Nintendo watered down Devolver game trailers during Nindies showcase

    Nintendo watered down Devolver game trailers during Nindies showcase

    Welp. Seems Nintendo was at it again with “core family values” during today’s Nindies showcase. When displaying Devolver titles My Friend Pedro and Katana Zero, it was hard not to notice something missing from these otherwise brutal titles – blood!

    This seems to be in line with Nintendo making their videos as family friendly as possible. For example, the last Nintendo Direct showed Mortal Kombat 11 is coming to Switch using only story cutscenes with none of the gory gameplay. The Nindies showcase likewise showed the following Devolver games with none of that dreaded red stuff included.

    Thankfully, we got the uncensored trailers right after the Nindies showcase which you can view below.

    My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet of gun kata and creativity. Use slow motion, acrobatics, split-aiming, and the environment to your advantage to eliminate all who stand in your way. If you ever wanted to choreograph your own action movie scenes, this will certainly scratch that itch.

    Katana Zero has a Super Meat Boy or Celeste feel with more emphasis on stylish action. Slice and dice your way through enemies using your deadly moves and time manipulation. Deflect bullets and manipulate the environment to survive. One hit is all that’s needed to take you down, but time will rewind to the beginning for you to try again.

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    Both games are looking great and certainly boast that classic Devolver brand of slick, violent gameplay. Katana Zero will come to Nintendo Switch on April 18th while My Friend Pedro is scheduled for a June release. They will also be available to play at the Devolver booth during PAX East next week. Be on the lookout for our impressions around then.

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