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Bovinium Quest NES cart officially revealed


    Fans headed to the Midwest Gaming Classic will be treated to a preview of a new Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridge. The game, Bovinium Quest, will be a part of the pass for VIP holders at the event. The cart is not only wearable, but there is a playable game within it.

    Blue with envy

    Up until recently, the specialty cart for the Midwest Gaming Classic didn’t have a body for its brains, so to speak. Bovinium Quest was revealed to be inside the cartridge this year.  We also know a bit about the story of the new NES title. To play this tale of a boy, UFOs, and his cows, you can now look forward to poppin’ in a transparent blue game into your console of choice.

    The price of nostalgia

    As previously mentioned, the newly developed limited edition game will be part of the Very Important Gamer (VIG) package. This will include a preview event prior to the show floor opening and a few other perks, including the post-party. Be prepared as these tickets will run you $175. However, they do cover the entire weekends’ festivities.

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    It was recently revealed the none other than Tim Kitzrow (NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Mutant Football League) will be in attendance at the party following the show. The iconic announcer will be live-calling Pop-A-Shot activities at the official Midwest Gaming Classic after party.

    Hang out with us at the show!

    Brett Medlock and Greg Bargas from Nintendo Enthusiast will be attending the Midwest Gaming Classic 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 12, 13, and 14. We will be hosting a panel at the show and would love for you to come out! At the show, we will be giving away an NES Classic and a Satisfye Switch Grip Pro, thanks to Satisfye.

    For ticket information regarding the event, click here.

    Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by the Midwest Gaming Classic.

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