Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission reveals game modes, crazy story arcs

    Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Bandai Namco Edit Mission

    Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission inches closer and closer to its April 5 release date for Nintendo Switch and PC. Keeping the hype train going, Bandai Namco has released a video outlining various game modes. A lot of its information was already known, but there are a couple nice new surprises in it.

    In Arcade mode, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will both recreate classic series moments and also provide totally new what-if scenarios to play through card combat. Now, without even hitting Play on the video above, we can finally see a sampling of imaginary story arcs created for the game. “Dark Demon God Buu Saga”? “Modern-Day Mayhem Saga”? Looks freaking awesome! I love the ridiculous fan fiction flavor that pervades this game.

    The trailer also reveals an Edit Mission mode, which allows you to create and share your own missions with specific characters and parameters. That’s exciting to me, and even more interesting than the already announced ability to create custom cards.

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    Beyond that, the rest of the trailer just reiterates previous information, like the presence of a single player campaign and the ability to play the game online. But those are all welcome things too.

    Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is still not available for preorder in the eShop last I checked, but to get the best freebies, you should order physical for this one anyway.


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