This Kirby plush dances to old Nintendo music

    dancing Kirby plush Nintendo merchandise

    Kirby isn’t necessarily Nintendo’s most beloved icon, but he’s certainly the cutest. And he’s got the wild Nintendo merchandise to prove it. This time around, we have a Kirby plush that dances to old Kirby game music when you tap its head. It dances to “Green Greens” (Game Boy version) or “Victory Dance” (NES version).

    The item is currently up for preorder on Amazon Japan, costing in the ballpark of $35 USD. This thing is a total no-brainer purchase for lovers of all things cute and fluffy, so let us know if you plan on picking it up. I hope somebody uploads a YouTube video of the little guy shaking his stuff. And this kind of makes me wonder if a Jigglypuff variant isn’t far off…

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    dancing Kirby plush Nintendo merchandise


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