Bandai Namco shows off more of base-building RPG Ninja Box

    Ninja Box Bandai Namco

    Ninja Box is a recently revealed base-building RPG that will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch courtesy of Bandai Namco. The game will feature a variety of ninjutsu-inspired characters, and if you can find them hiding around town, you can befriend them. They in turn might give you blueprints that you can use to expand the town. You use the eponymous “Ninja Box,” a box with the power to build anything, in order to make more stuff and create your secret base. You have to set traps at your base in order to stop bad guys from stealing your awesome magic box.

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    Ninja Box Bandai Namco

    Ninja Box will release in Japan in 2019, and there are no announcements for an international release yet. As soon as that information is released, we’ll break the news for you. In the meantime, check out Bandai Namco’s full release for more images and details.


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