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Get creative: Japanese Pocket Monsters fans will gain the possibility to label a move in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield


    Are you excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield? Fancy yourself as an intellectual with great ideas? Welp, today is the day to flex your creative muscles! Pokefanatics will get a chance to name a new move in the upcoming games. However, this is only if they live in Japan and read CoroCoro magazine.

    Prepare your brain meats

    Details have just emerged regarding the naming contest through CoroCoro. Every entry must be no more than eight characters and can be offered in either Katakana, Hiragana, or English.

    The following background information is all any of us have to go on in order to prepare our special moves:

    Type: Steel
    Category: Special
    Damage: 140
    Effect: Does major damage but reduces user’s Hit Points by 50%

    Since I am not a resident of Japan, I will offer the best possible denomination free of charge: Catch-22. There is no better title for this Steel move based on its effect. You are welcome, Japanese video gamers.

    The eventual contest winner, who will no doubt use my idea, is due to receive a copy of each game and a shout-out of their name at some point during the adventure. 20 runners up will obtain a copy of one of the two titles while cursing themselves for not submitting Catch-22 sooner. More details regarding how to enter the competition should become available soon. May 10, 2019, is the deadline to enter, so make haste!

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    Do any readers think this contest is cool? Is anyone sad the event isn’t global and Japan-only? Tell us your inner feelings with a comment below.

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