Physical release likely for GRID Autosport on Switch


    GRID Autosport is set to race onto the Nintendo Switch within the next few months. Exact release details are still scarce, but a listing has popped up on GameMania along with some cover art that suggests a physical version of the game will be coming to retailers.

    GameMania is a retailer based in the Netherlands. The listing contains some cover art for the box, along with previously-released screenshots and a trailer. Codemasters, the studio behind the game, has neither confirmed nor denied if plans for a physical release are concrete. Thus, we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of this.

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    A proper release date for GRID Autosport has still not been revealed yet, simply a tentative ‘Summer 2019’ label. Whenever Codemasters discloses the release date, hopefully it will also announce (or denounce) plans for this apparent physical version.


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