Nintendo Switch firmware 8.0.0 firmware update now live

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    In typical fashion, a new firmware update for the Switch has been released rather stealthily. This new update brings the total system firmware version up to 8.0.0. With this being a full shift upwards to a new number, it shouldn’t be surprising that it includes a number of new features.

    Here’s a list of the major new things that have been included in this update:

    • Software sorting options on the HOME menu: Software can now be sorted by various filters such as title, publisher, total playtime and time last played.
    • You can now Zoom by pressing the HOME button twice, once the option has been selected in the System Settings
    • Ability to prevent the Switch from waking up when it has been disconnected from an AC adapter/removed from the dock can now be enabled/disabled.
    • Individual game save data can now be transferred from system to system. Once data is transferred, it is then fully removed from the source system.
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    A few other minor new additions have been included as well, but these are just the main stuff that most Switch owners are likely to be interested in. Still no highly-requested features like themes, folders, a proper play time counter or local save data backups, but at least it’s clear the Switch OS team is still hard at work on improving the user experience. For the full patch notes, check out Nintendo’s official posting. 

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