next-gen Switch model next-generation Nintendo Switch Pro delayed according to Nikkei

According to Japanese business magazine Nikkei and as translated by USG, Nintendo has decided to delay the release of a “next-generation” Switch model. The reasons are the difficulty of getting the Switch operating system to run on new hardware and troubles with power consumption. Additionally, Nikkei says Nintendo is concurrently planning to release a “small bargain version” of Switch in the fall. This “bargain” version is intended for outdoor use but will be dockable to play on a television.

A powerful rumor has been going around for a while that Nintendo is working on two new versions of the Switch — a superior “pro” model and a smaller, budget-minded model. This new information from Nikkei seems to agree almost perfectly with the rumors, except that previous rumors suggested the budget model might not have a TV component.

However, it is important to note that the “next-generation” Switch in question is not guaranteed to be the rumored “pro” model. It is always possible they could instead be referring to a genuine Switch successor, like Wii U compared to Wii.

Whatever’s going on, it seems pretty certain at this point that Nintendo will be announcing new hardware of some kind this year, likely for E3. Stay tuned for the next thrilling development.


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