We are a little over two months away from the launch of the Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. This means new information on the title will be trickling out between now and the game’s release. The publication Game Informer got an opportunity to play the Switch game at Nintendo of America HQ and is even featuring it on the cover of its June issue. While the GI team is keeping mum on some details, they nevertheless shared some information regarding two playable characters: Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel.

What’s better: Hawkeye’s arrows or Ms. Marvel’s giant fist?

Take a look at Hawkeye’s design:


Looks like Clint Barton is the Hawkeye appearing in-game, not Kate Bishop. While I would have preferred her or Ronin, Clint Hawkeye is a solid choice. As long as he can shoot trick arrows that enemies grab which later explode, I’ll be a happy camper.

Next up is Ms. Marvel:


Awesome! I love Kamala Khan. Carol Danvers is appearing in the title in her Captain Marvel incarnation, so it wasn’t a stretch to believe Kamala’s Ms. Marvel would, as well. Yes, I used the word “stretch” as a pun because Kamala can extend her body to ridiculous lengths. Do not judge me.

Readers with a digital subscription will be able to read GI’s newest issue later today. Expect more juicy details on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in the GI issue and in the coming months.

Nintendo Enthusiasts, are any of you calling dibs on Hawkeye or Ms. Marvel? Clue us in on your plans with a comment below.

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