Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational on June 8

The last announcement at today’s Super Mario Maker 2 Direct was the reveal of the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 tournament. It will occur on Saturday, June 8 at E3. The Nintendo E3 website describes the event with this: “Watch the excitement as invited players test their platforming abilities on Super Mario Maker 2 courses, custom-made by Nintendo’s Treehouse!”

That is literally everything we know about the event at this point, but we get the gist. It’ll be a terrific showcase for the power of this awesome new game, full of surprises to get players cheering and/or screaming. If you’re at E3 (and you bet we will be), you should consider swinging by the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational as more details are released!

Of course, Nintendo will also likely stream the whole event for the enjoyment of those of us who can’t make it. That’s not confirmed, but they’ve done it with many of their E3 Invitational tournaments in the past. There’s little reason for Nintendo not to do the same here. Should that indeed end up being the case, we’ll all get to watch the Invitational and see just how crazy some of these courses can get! What would you like to see from Super Mario Maker 2 at this Invitational tournament?


John Friscia
Proofs Editor for Enthusiast Gaming. I'm a writer who loves Super Nintendo and Japanese role-playing games to an impractical degree. I have recently returned from living in South Korea.

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