Detective Pikachu beat out Endgame to top the global weekend box office

    detective pikachu endgame box office

    The first ever live-action Pokémon movie is on a roll! Video game movies often flop, but Detective Pikachu is kicking tradition to the curb. In addition to receiving mostly positive reviews, the Legendary film is putting up big numbers at the box office. It managed to beat out Avengers: Endgame to top the international charts at launch, and last weekend it did it again.

    Detective Pikachu is a box office hit

    Detective Pikachu just pulled in another $53.8 million from 72 markets around the world. This was enough to top Endgame ($46.8 million) and John Wick: Chapter 3  ($35 million). The Avengers film has been available longer, so it’s not surprising that its numbers are slipping. That said, Endgame is also the second most profitable movie of all time so far, so it’s still tough competition.

    This brings the international total for the movie to $193.4 million, just shy of the $200 million mark. That number gets a lot higher when you add in the box office numbers from the United States. Detective Pikachu has generated $287.4 million total across all markets. It had a budget of $150 million, so it’s definitely a profitable product.

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    We previously reported that Detective Pikachu had a record-breaking debut.  It made $58 million during its US debut, beating out Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ($47 million) for the most lucrative video game movie opening. Since then, it has raised that domestic total to $94,001,846. That’s good enough for fourth place so far. It should easily breeze past Rampage ($101,028,233) and Angry Birds ($107,509,366) in the coming weeks. Passing up Tomb Raider ($131,168,070) will be a tougher challenge, but it’s definitely possible. Detective Pikachu has already beaten out every past (animated) Pokémon movie at the box office.


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