Star Ocean: First Departure R blasts off for Nintendo Switch

    Star Ocean: First Departure R blasts off for Nintendo Switch

    Star Ocean: First Departure R is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, per an announcement from Square Enix. What the game actually is is complicated, so try to follow me: Star Ocean: First Departure R is an “HD remake” of Star Ocean: First Departure for Sony PSP, which is in turn a remake of the original Star Ocean. The first Star Ocean released for Super Famicom in Japan in 1996, and First Departure came to PSP in North America in 2008. So it’s a remake of a remake, and each version is spaced out over 10 years from the previous release. Got it? Good.

    No release date or pricing details have been announced for the RPG yet. Instead, all we have are some pretty illustrations from artist Katsumi Enami for Roddick Farrence, Millie Chliette, and Dorne Murtough respectively.

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    Star Ocean is developed by tri-Ace, also known for JRPGs such as Valkyrie Profile and Resonance of Fate. First Departure was however developed by Tose, which has developed a wide breadth of title for myriad platforms.

    If you’re curious about what to expect from Star Ocean: First Departure R, then go ahead and check out this 11-year-old trailer for the PSP version. Then let us know if you plan on picking this one up, whenever it drops!


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