PDI Check is $100 vision check game for 3DS: A perfect birthday present!

You’re a child and it’s your birthday. What is the one thing on planet Earth that you’re dying for more than anything? A vision checkup that can be conducted via your Nintendo 3DS, of course! PDI Check makes that dream a reality, as it launched on May 23 for a sizable $99.99 on the eShop to deliver eye checkups at a moment’s notice.

PDI Check is described as “an interactive multiple-choice game utilizing the unique color, 3-dimensional screen on the Nintendo 3DS™ system to quickly and accurately measure near visual acuity, color vision and stereopsis.” This beautiful game is the brainchild of Dr. Robert W. Arnold of Alaska Children’s Eye and Strabismus. You can check out a video preview of the project uploaded last year below.

That is one sexy piece of software if I do say so myself. Those circles and dots are flawless. And that kid who jumps up triumphantly? I had to do a double take, because I thought I was looking at graphics out of the new God of War.

If you’ve stopped reading this article because you’re feverishly stumbling to dust off your 3DS and download PDI Check, I don’t blame you. Treat yourself to something nice today!


John Friscia
Proofs Editor for Enthusiast Gaming. I'm a writer who loves Super Nintendo and Japanese role-playing games to an impractical degree. I have recently returned from living in South Korea.

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