Overwatch gets a fan-made Super Smash Bros. mode

    Overwatch Workshop Super Smash Bros

    Blizzard recently spiced up Overwatch with the addition of the new Overwatch Workshop. This scripting mode gives players the power to create their own custom game types It’s a bit tricky to master, but with a little programming knowledge, you can do some really cool things. Talented users are utilizing the Workshop to create new game types and challenges. They’re effectively creating new games within a game! One player, in particular, is taking that concept a bit more literally than others. Reddit user “ajfis3” used these new tools to create a version of Super Smash Bros. inside Blizzard’s game.

    Overwatch meets Smash

    Super Smashwatch,” as it’s called, is a new mode that pits players against each other in a battle royale. The camera is zoomed out to give a more 2D perspective, and players have a health counter that goes up as they take damage. Just as in Super Smash Bros., you’ll knock players back further as their damage count goes up. Fall off the stage and you’re out! All of the Overwatch fighters come with their usual moves, but they also have some new abilities. Fighters can shield, double jump, and air dodge just as they would in Smash. You can check out footage of the action below!

    Each player has three lives per round. Once a player loses all three, they’re eliminated from the match. The first team to wipe out all of their opponents wins. Super Smashwatch supports up to 12 players at a time. You can check it out for yourself by heading to the Overwatch Workshop. You’ll need to enter the code “VZ4YG” to play.


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