Ninjala delayed to spring 2020: Ninja Gum action from GungHo

Ninjala is an oddity that’s been on our radar for a year now, especially since it got that trailer backed by Babymetal. It’s a kid-friendly “Ninja Gum” action game from GungHo that is literally about using bubblegum to have ninja fights. Taking a page out of the Metroid Prime 4 playbook, Ninjala Executive Producer Kazuki Morishita has taken to YouTube to give a formal update on his game: And it’s a downer. They are delaying the game a full year, to debut in spring 2020.

Morishita apologizes for the delay. He further says, “In order to create a more reliable online experience, we decided to polish the game even more.” GungHo is also generally adding more content to the game to try to create a full and unique experience.

We received a PR email about this, but it’s admirable of GungHo’s CEO (Morishita is also CEO.) to take that extra step of filming an explanation/apology anyway. It shows that they don’t just think of Ninjala as a game to cash in on kids who are getting tired of Splatoon. And the trailer we received last year really didn’t seem bad at all; the parkour aspects of battle could prove pretty entertaining.

Let’s hope for the best for GungHo and Ninjala.


John Friscia
Proofs Editor for Enthusiast Gaming. I'm a writer who loves Super Nintendo and Japanese role-playing games to an impractical degree. I have recently returned from living in South Korea.

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