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Today’s Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct revealed a ton of new information about the upcoming games. As with any new main series title, the games will feature interesting new areas and gameplay mechanics. Of course, one of the most exciting things to learn is what brand new Pokémon will inhabit the new region. Before today, we had only been introduced to the Starters in Sword and Shield. Well, now we know a few more.

Here’s a look at the handful of new Galar Pokémon shown off during the Direct:


Wooloo is known as the Sheep Pokémon. Its body is surrounded by a huge ball of fluffy wool. Weavers in an unnamed town in the Galar region love to use Wooloo’s wool to make popular specialty goods. Though its type is not yet confirmed, Wooloo may be the stereotypical Route 1 Normal-type of the Galar region.

Gossifleur and Eldegoss

Gossifleur is known as the Flowering Pokémon. It likes environments with clean air and water, and its pollen is said to have healing properties. While the method of evolution has not been revealed, we do know that Gossifleur can evolve into Eldegoss.

Eldegoss is known as the Cotton Bloom Pokémon. The seeds scattered throughout its big cotton-ball head promote growth in plants and can revitalize people and Pokémon. The Grass-type Gym Leader Milo will use Eldegoss.


Drednaw is known as the Bite Pokémon. Drednaw’s jagged teeth allow it to bite chunks out of rock and iron. It possesses a vicious nature, so it can only be tamed by the most experienced trainers. Whether this is just Pokédex lingo or if it means Drednaw legitimately will not listen to the trainer’s orders remains confirmed for now.


This ominous Flying-type is known as the Raven Pokémon. Despite its fearsome appearance, Corviknight actually appears to be quite helpful. Corviknight will run a flying taxi that can take the player back to any town they have previously visited. As in Generation 7, it sure sounds like players will not have to worry about teaching HM moves in Sword and Shield.

Legendary Pokémon Zacian Legendary Pokémon Zamazenta

Zacian and Zamazenta

Little is currently known about the games’ Legendary Pokémon. They have similar designs, though Zacian wields a sword in its mouth while Zamazenta protects its face with a shield. We do not know what role they will play in the story. However, their introductory cutscene in the Direct does suggest that the two Pokémon are perhaps more friendly rivals than enemies. Unsurprisingly, these two Pokémon decorate the box art for the upcoming games. Zacian is on the cover of Pokémon Sword, and Zamazenta is on the cover of Pokémon Shield.

Of course, the Galar region will also include a number of returning Pokémon from previous games. Players still have much more to learn about this region and the creatures and characters within it. They will have the chance when Sword and Shield release on November 15.


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