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Familiar doggo: Bandai Namco thinks new Legendary Pokemon has a resemblance to one of its characters


    Today is a big day for Pokemon Sword and Shield news. A release date was given, modes were shown, and Legendary Pokemon were unveiled. Personally, I am super happy to see doggo/wolf Pokemon getting the legendary treatment. I wasn’t the only one, however. Bandai Namco shared in the merriment with a cheeky Tweet, claiming Zacian has a resemblance to one of its memorable video game stars.

    Resemblance or blatant theft? You decide!

    Here is the humorous Tweet in all of its glory:

    Wow, are Zacian and Great Grey Wolf Sif brothers? The sword-holding pose is basically the same! In addition, having a shield feature in the Tweet is a nice little nod to Zamazenta, the Legendary Shield Pokemon. Bandai Namco is the king of subtle shout-outs.

    I’m just poking fun at Bandai Namco, of course. Game Freak didn’t steal designs for the new Legendary Pokemon from Dark Souls. Either that or Hidetaka Miyazaki is secretly working on Pokemon Sword and Shield and just had to insert a reference to his famous series.

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    Enthusiasts, do you think Bandai Namco’s Tweet is clever? Do you recognize the resemblance to Dark Souls‘ famous wolf boss? Are Zacian and Zamazenta good boys? Let us know your answers to these burning questions in the comment field below.

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