New Pokémon Yamper and Impidimp revealed at E3 2019


    We’ve already seen plenty about the new Pokémon games during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Treehouse stream. However, E3 attendees will actually get to see two previously unrevealed pocket monsters in the Sword and Shield demo on Nintendo’s show floor. These new creatures are called Yamper and Impidimp. Nintendo has not officially addressed either of these Pokémon. As a result, the only things we know about them come from their appearance in the E3 demo.

    Between Yamper and Impidimp, we know a fair bit more information about Yamper. Yamper is an Electric-type dog Pokémon. It can learn moves like Play Rough, Spark, Crunch, and Wild Charge. Yamper also has a new ability called Ball Fetch. If the player fails to catch a Pokémon on the first try, Yamper will retrieve the Pokéball. As a result, trainers effectively get a free shot at catching a new monster without the risk of losing a Pokéball. Ball Fetch will only work if Yamper is not holding an item.

    The other new Pokémon, Impidimp, is a Dark/Fairy-type. As its name suggests, it is based off an imp. Screenshots have not yet revealed what moves Impidimp can learn. No other details are currently available about these new creatures, either. Of course, players on the E3 show floor can learn about them by playing the demo. In addition, the demo shows off some of the moves that previously revealed Pokémon can learn.

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    Interestingly, the demo does not appear to feature the squirrel-like Pokémon teased during the last Pokémon Direct. At least, this creature has not surfaced in any pictures or videos from the demo yet. Still, it is exciting to uncover two brand new Pokémon in Yamper and Impidimp!


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