Astral Chain

Does Platinum Games ever rest? The house of Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 is currently hard at work on Astral Chain, first revealed back in the February Direct. If yesterday’s E3 Direct means anything, then the game is well on track for its August 30 launch.

Platinum’s signature over-the-top action

The E3 preview dives deeper into the world and story of Astral Chain. Highly destructive, extra-dimensional creatures called Chimeras are terrorizing the Earth and pulling defenseless humans into their homeworld. With the end of the world looming over mankind, the only thing that can fend off the chimeric threat are Legions, captured Chimeras neurologically bonded to humans.

Naturally, Nintendo Treehouse and Platinum Games followed with an in-depth Astral Chain preview after yesterday’s Direct. From there, the developer introduced some of the mechanics featured in the game.

To begin with, you can create and customize your own avatar, down to hairstyle and coloring, skin color, and name. You can also choose between genders, with the unpicked one becoming your sibling, Akira. Your sibling will play a central role in the story. Following that, Astral Chain immediately thrusts you into the action with the first story chapter, or “File.” File 01 starts with a high-stakes motorcycle chase down a tunnel.

After that, the Treehouse segment introduced Legions. They attack on their own as independent AI, but can be reined in under the player’s control with the L button. Humans bonded to a Legion bear a “Legatus Cradle” on their back; this device lets them use a power called Iris to highlight special things in the environment via augmented reality.

Hilariously enough, there will also be a hidden toilet in every stage of the game. Find them all, and something interesting might happen.

The preview goes more into detail about the critical hit-based combat system, shows off more story missions, and introduces different Legion types. Watch Nintendo Treehouse’s Astral Chain segment in full below!

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