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Is Square Enix serious with these Final Fantasy VII E3 shirts?

    Final Fantasy VII shirt / E3 Final Fantasy VII Remake T-shirt

    So, uh… does Square Enix have a graphic design team? We ask because E3 is on and popping this week in Los Angeles, and plenty of companies are making a big show of it. One of the biggest booths at the show belongs to Square Enix, which is showing off a number of upcoming bangers. One of their big games is Final Fantasy VII Remake, but you wouldn’t believe that if you saw the T-shirt they gave away for playing it.

    After a closed-doors theater presentation for the upcoming big budget remake of JRPG classic Final Fantasy VII, employees promised attendees that they could get their hands on a free T-shirt after playing a short demo of the game.

    I was excited! I’m not usually one to get hyped up over free shirts, (Lord knows my closet can’t handle any more.) but the idea of a beautiful tee celebrating a game as big as Final Fantasy VII definitely got my mouth watering.

    So, imagine my surprise when I exit my brief and exhilarating hands-on Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, only to be handed… this.

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    Is Square Enix serious with these Final Fantasy VII E3 shirts?

    What’s, uhhhh… what’s going on here, chief?

    The back graphic is simple enough. A fun little JPEG of our favorite JRPG bad boy Mister Sephiroth. Nice.

    But that front though? A million fonts slammed together to spell out a bizarre, barely recognizable quote. The legendary becomes real? The only legendary thing here is the lack of oversight on this design. There are plenty of incredible shirts to grab at E3 2019, but this shirt for Final Fantasy VII Remake ain’t one of them.

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