When it comes to Nintendo Switch accessories, it’s hard to beat the output of experienced hardware company Nyko. They’ve done plenty of accessories for a variety of consoles. Their latest output for the Nintendo Switch continues their trend of quality and quantity.

Nyko’s Core Controllers

If you’re familiar with any of the Nintendo Switch accessories sold by Nyko, it’s most likely their Wireless Core Controller series of devices. These controllers combine the core features of Nintendo’s own Pro Controllers with a much more appealing price-point. They sport Charge & Play capability, Bluetooth connectivity, hefty battery life, and a fully featured button and trigger set. Now, these kitted-out controllers are available in a new variety of exotic colors.

Fans of the see-through, atomic-style JoyCon shells will love the new color options available for these Wireless Core Controllers. The dark purple and clear white controllers were the most gorgeous to me, but there’s also a red and green option available if you prefer those colors.

If you’re looking for something a little more compact, though, you might want Nyko’s brand new Mini Wireless Core Controller. It has the exact same features, buttons, and profile of the regular Core Controller. The only difference with the Mini controller is the size. It’s a bit hard to see the dimensional difference in the photo, but the Mini Core Controller is less than half the size of the regular Core Controller. Thus, it fits tightly but securely in the palms of my hands the same way a JoyCon would. It’s not about the size of your tool, though, but the way you use it.

The Mini Core Controller is sleek, responsive, and sports an almost identical battery life to the regular Core Controller series. And it comes with the added bonus of fitting comfortably in your pocket or carrying case.

A JoyCon bonus

If you’re more concerned about some JoyCon action, though, Nyko’s got you covered with their new clear D-Pad JoyCon cases. These cases fit perfectly onto the stock Nintendo Switch JoyCons, adding a clear shiny finish to the tiny controllers. They also come with a slot on the left JoyCon to pop an optional D-Pad converter for added precision in fighting games and tight platformers. Don’t need the D-Pad? Just pop it into the discreet holding space on the back of the case. There are even three bonus game cartridge holders on this side of the JoyCon cases.

With sleek designs, robust feature sets, and incredibly appetizing price points, it’s hard to beat the accessory output of Nyko when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. Fans looking for a new way to play their favorite games on the homerun hybrid console need look no further than this incredibly impressive accessory manufacturer.

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