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The first two days of E3 marked a whirlwind of Nintendo Switch news from conferences by Microsoft, Square Enix, and more. Compared to those, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was a raging hurricane of news and reveals. However, the fun didn’t end after the presentation with the first day of Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3.

Today is the second day for Treehouse Live, which no doubt means more in-depth updates on Nintendo’s upcoming games. It’s not uncharacteristic of Nintendo to save some surprises for the Treehouse streams, so we might get new reveals if we’re lucky!

Yesterday’s showing was all about first party software shown off during the Direct. Fingers crossed we might see some more about third party titles and interesting indie games!

What do you hope to see during day 2 of Nintendo Treehouse Live? Is there a certain game you would like to see the Treehouse go hands-on with? Let us know in the comments!

Jeffrey McDonell
Rare import from Canada, lover of all things video game music and remixes, desk jockey by day, and Nintendo Enthusiast by night. I grew up on Nintendo consoles since the Game Boy Advance and GameCube, with standouts like Sonic, Mario, and Zelda defining my childhood.

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