Monster Hunter Rathalos

Initial information about the Monster Hunter movie left fans a tad apprehensive. Milla Jovovich of Resident Evil fame is set to star as a Lt. Natalie Artemis, a woman from the “real world” who finds herself transported to the world of Monster Hunter. The first photos released showed Artemis holding a realistic gun as opposed to the hulking blades and bows we know from the series. Fans quickly cried out about the fish-out-of-water storyline. However, a leaked trailer may just quell a lot of fans’ outcries.

During the Shanghai International Film Festival, a special presentation revealed the film’s first preview trailer. One particularly brave attendee decided to record the entire thing and post it online. Despite the “real world” elements, the trailer shows that the Monster Hunter movie will be faithful to the games in many ways. Tony Jaa will be portraying a seasoned hunter who acts as Lt. Artemis’s mentor. We see him in the trailer wielding a bow almost as big as him. But the only thing more important than the comically huge weapons in Monster Hunter are the monsters, and we get a pretty good look at two iconic creatures.

Show me the monsters!

The aforementioned giant bow points directly at what might be Diablos. Diablos is a giant, burrowing monster first introduced in the original Monster Hunter. We also see Rathalos at the tail-end of the trailer, partially obscured by flames until it lashes out toward the camera. Rathalos is a giant dragon who is essentially the mascot of the series. Even non-fans of Monster Hunter will recognize it thanks to its major appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Monster Hunter will release on September 4, 2020. Paul W.S. Anderson—also of Resident Evil film fame—will direct the movie. Ron Perlman and T.I. Harris will star alongside Jaa and Jovovich.

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