Minecraft Toy Story Mash-Up Pack

Pixar’s Toy Story captured the hearts of millions when it first hit theaters in 1995.  It put the studio on the map, and it quickly became a personal favorite of mine as a child. Over two decades later, the franchise is still going strong. Toy Story 4 recently made its theatrical debut, and it’s receiving stellar reviews and strong box office results. Pixar’s hit series has plenty of older, nostalgic fans, but it’s also bridging the gap to a whole new generation of young fans. One way to do that is by corroborating with one of the most popular video games among today’s kids. That’s right, Pixar is teaming up with Microsoft for a Minecraft mash-up pack!

Minecraft’s Toy Story Mash-Up Pack

Starting today, you can head to the Minecraft Marketplace to download the Toy Story Mash-Up Pack. This pack gives you skins for numerous characters, including fan-favorites like Woody, Bo Peep, Rex, Emperor Zurg, and Buzz Lightyear. Toy Story 4 newcomers Duke Caboom and Ducky & Bunny are also part of the package, along with many others. You can also explore familiar locations, such as Andy’s bedroom, Sid’s bedroom, the Dinoco gas station, and more.

You can experience all this Toy Story goodness right now with a purchase on the Minecraft Marketplace. This particular pack will cost you 1,340 Minecoins. You can purchase 1,720 Minecoins for $9.99, so this bundle costs something like $8. You get a pretty robust lineup of skins and maps for that price, so it’s not a bad deal. If you’re a Pixar lover, it’s definitely worth checking out!


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