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Sony has faced backlash lately over policy changes regarding censorship. Several games have had their content altered to conform to these guidelines. Nintendo, however, has been relaxing its policies on this in recent years. Thanks to this, the unaltered versions have often found a home on the Switch. Nintendo recently reaffirmed this policy during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Nintendo is certainly no stranger to censorship. This practice dates back at least to the release of the original Mortal Kombat. The games’ violent content was taken out to remain more family-friendly. Even after the ESRB came into existence, however, the policy remained. Even more modern games such as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Fire Emblem Fates, and many others have gone through a similar situation.

Lately, however, Nintendo has done a complete turnaround. Instead of limiting games, they’ve been embracing them. One question asked during the recent shareholders’ meeting addressed this shift. Notably, Nintendo reaffirms this commitment:

Q: About content regulation. On other platforms, there are cases of restrictions applied independently of CERO and other 3rd-party organizations. What does Nintendo do?

A: Nintendo, as do 3rd-parties and their software, applies for an objective rating from 3rd-party organizations prior to release. If platform-holding companies choose arbitrarily, the diversity and fairness in game software would be significantly inhibited. We provide parental controls that can be used to apply limits.

Shuntaro Furukawa

Do you agree with what Nintendo is saying about censorship? Is it harmful to the industry? Let us know what you think!


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