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Years after a successful Kickstarter, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is finally out! Unfortunately, the Switch version isn’t making a good first impression. After going hands-on with the game, we showed off some of its graphical shortcomings in a comparison video. Publisher 505 Games has promised to improve the game’s performance over time, but we’re not sure just how much will change. In the meantime, just how much does the game struggle? The performance experts at Digital Foundry recently took a deep dive. They compare all the various versions of the game with a focus on the quality of the Switch release. You can check it out by clicking below!

Analysis: Bloodstained on Switch

Digital Foundry breaks it down

Unsurprisingly, the Switch version runs at a lower resolution and frame rate than the others. It manages 720p when docked and 576 in handheld mode. This lower resolution plays poorly with the anti-aliasing techniques used. This leads to a “smeared” look in many places.

The Switch version runs at 30 frames per second. Other versions run at 60, but there are a handful of instances where they struggle to maintain that rate. One boss fight in particular drops the game down below 20 frames per second at times. Digital Foundry has not yet played that fight on Switch, so we’re not sure how it performs.

As we noted, Bloodstained features far less detailed textures on Switch. Water effects have been significantly scaled back or altogether removed in some areas. Certain light sources are meant to cast shadows, but fail to do so on Switch. While other versions show active, 3D backgrounds during text cutscenes, the Switch version simply takes a screenshot of the background and uses it as a static image. This effect occasionally glitches, and the background fails to load altogether.

Some of Bloodstained‘s biggest problems on Switch are loading time and input lag. Digital Foundry notes that these are both much worse on Switch. At around 140 milliseconds, input lag on Switch is nearly double that of the other versions. This makes the game significantly more sluggish.

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