The Terminator is a landmark film that has an infinitely better sequel. Regardless of T2‘s superiority, you’d be crazy not to try and make a video game out of a movie that features a human-like cyborg hellbent on changing the future for the worse. As it turns out, developer Sunsoft originally had the rights to make such a title. While those movie rights fell through, a recent video documenting the potential game has hit the internet.

The Terminator was unfortunately terminated

Let’s feast our eyes on a promo clip from the 1989 Winter Consumer Electronics Show:

For our younger gamers out there, this is what we had to go on before the age of computers.

The above footage is so 80’s it hurts. However, what you see is quite impressive for the time. NES cutscenes are always a delight to see, and Sunsoft knew a thing or two about those because it created the visually impressive Batman and Blaster Master. With a pedigree like that, I’m sure The Terminator would have been something special.

What happened?

According to Creative Licensing Corporation founder, Rand Marlis, Sunsoft lost the rights to the game because it wanted to incorporate an original story. It was going to take place in the future, with Skynet devastating the world with its cyborg army. Sounds like a missed opportunity to me.

Fortunately, Sunsoft reworked its idea into the awesome original IP Journey to Silius. Regrettably, Radical Entertainment picked up the rights to The Terminator and created an abysmal video game. Hopefully, one day a future warrior will go back in time and prevent this tragedy from happening. “No fate but what we make,” remember?

Fellow Enthusiasts, what do you make of the promo video for Sunsoft’s The Terminator? Are you disappointed with what we received instead? Let us know your innermost feelings about the ordeal down below.

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