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Jools Watsham, owner of Atooi, recently announced via Twitter that all four of his Switch games (Mutant Mudds Collection, Xeodrifter, Soccer Slammers, Totes the Goat) are on sale for an absolutely bonkers 90% discount. You can buy each game for $3.96 total, or you can purchase the titles individually at the following prices:

Mutant Mudds Collection: $1.49

Xeodrifter: $0.99

Totes the Goat: $0.49

Soccer Slammers: $0.99

Currently, these deals are only available in the United States, but if that changes, we’ll let you all know. Having personally played three of these titles, I definitely recommend Xeodrifter and Mutant Mudds Collection. The original Mutant Mudds is a retro-style platformer with tight gameplay, lots of content, and as a bonus, its global leaderboards make it fantastic to speedrun–I got neraly fifteen hours of playtime out of that title alone. Xeodrifter is a fun, smooth, quick romp of a Metroidvania. Normally, I cannot really recommend Soccer Slammers, arcade-style multiplayer game, since there are a lot of better local multiplayer eShop games in its normal price range, including an another arcade soccer title in Soccer on Desk. If you are really wanting to give it a shot, though, your dollar will not be wasted here.

Curious about any of the three titles I just mentioned? Check out our reviews for Mutant Mudds CollectionXeodrifterand Soccer Slammers (Nintendo Enthusiast has not reviewed Totes the Goat). Frankly, it’d be a solid idea to just part with $4 and try them all, but if you want to focus on the best of the best, Mutant Mudds Collection is my recommendation, followed by Xeodrifter.


Andrew Rockett
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