Astral Chain revealed

Astral Chain is just over a month away, and a constant stream of juicy tidbits and details covering every facet of the game are keeping us hyped. Most recently, digging through Astral Chain‘s latest Japanese gameplay trailer gave some details on Unchained Mode, which makes the game significantly easier.

With Unchained Mode, players can set several different actions to occur automatically. By doing so, players are free to focus more on the many other controls and activities pertinent to gameplay in Astral Chain. Here is an incomplete list of available customizable actions, per Nintendo Everything:

  • Attacks
  • Dodging
  • Lock-on
  • Weapon changes
  • Super armor
  • Counter attacks
  • Items
  • Legions
  • Skills
  • Style changes
  • Sync attacks
  • Dog mascot support abilities

In order to further fine-tune Astral Chain and its adjustable difficulty, each one of these actions can be toggled on and off. Unchained Mode should be a great way to make what is sure to be a difficult game more accessible. Individually customizing specific actions should also make for a very customizable difficulty that can let players experiment with different settings as they need to.

What do you think of Unchained Mode? Will you be using it at all? What about Astral Chain in general? How are excited are you for that? Let us know in the comments.


Andrew Rockett
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