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Game Freak and The Pokémon Company just dropped lots of new Pokémon Sword and Shield details. A new English trailer showed off new forms, new rivals, and the villainous Team Yell. However, that’s not all we learned today! An extended Japanese trailer also revealed a new Poké Jobs feature in the Galar Region, and the official website added more information.

New Sword and Shield trailer

The Galar Region introduces Poké Jobs

Pokémon and humans working side by side is a common site in the Galar Region. As it turns out, lots of companies and schools are looking to recruit Pokémon for various Poké Jobs . You can access these jobs by visiting a Rotomi (a Rotom-powered computer) in a Pokémon Center. Then, select any Pokémon from your box and send it out to do some work! As they complete tasks, your Pokémon will gain experience.

There are numerous listings for Poké Jobs, including things like “Help with cooking!” and “Help wanted on our farm,” so check in often! Certain Pokémon will be better-suited to certain jobs based on their type. As you complete more and more jobs, you can even receive rare items as a reward.

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