Okami cafe

One of the more interesting movements in video game marketing in recent years is the creation of real-life promotional events. These can take the form of anything from fan gatherings such as Pokémon GO Fest, to limited-time only cafes. Capcom is jumping on this trend again, this time with an Okami-inspired shop.

By teaming up with Pasela Resorts, Capcom has created a cafe based on Okami. Located just outside of Akihabara Station, this new cafe features a variety of Okami-inspired food, including a tofu salad and grilled chicken. The cafe also serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and offers exclusive merchandise in the form of tumblers, placemats, and can badges.

Other companies have taken to real-life marketing events like this as well. Currently, Square Enix is holding a Final Fantasy XIV crossover event at the Square Enix Cafe in Akihabara. Nintendo is also running a Kirby cafe in a few locations throughout Japan through September, and SCRAP Inc. is hosting a Persona 5 escape room through early November

If you’re in the Akihabara area, or happen to be visiting soon, you’ll want to check this out the Okami cafe while you can. It will only be open through August 29!




Steven Rollins
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