Super Star Stacker

Kirby has been kicking around since the OG Game Boy days. The once white but now pink blob has gone on to appear in many titles across Nintendo’s myriad consoles. Though Kirby’s games are usually more adventure-focused, he’s dabbled in other genres, as well. One particular Game Boy puzzle game, Kirby’s Star Stacker, received a Japan-only remake on the Super Famicom. The title, dubbed Kirby’s Super Star Stacker, has just received an English fan translation.

A piece of history now available in my native tongue

For those not in the know, Star Stacker is a game where you have to match two blocks that resemble Kirby’s animal friends. It’s kind of like Tetris but more adorable. Super Star Stacker is the same game but in more vibrant colors due to the jump to 16-bit graphics.

Why was the rest of the world denied this gem? As it turns out, localization was a much slower process 21 years ago. Also, Kirby’s puzzler was the last Super Famicom title released in Japan. The SNES became obsolete by the time the planned worldwide release was done.

Thankfully, hackers TheDanaAddams and Reld have provided an English translation of Super Star Stacker. Everything looks Kirby official, down to the fonts and colors used. If you’re interested in trying it out yourselves, have at it. Hopefully, it doesn’t get taken down.

Super Star Stacker

That’s me playing on the left!

Fellow puzzle fans, are you going to give Kirby’s Super Star Stacker a go? Let us know your intentions down below.

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