Bandai Namco

IGN has reported on a bomb threat investigation at the Bandai Namco office in Santa Clara, California. Bandai Namco responded after IGN reached out concerning the matter, giving them a brief statement.

“We can’t provide any comment regarding the validity of the threat as there is an ongoing investigation in progress. We can say that all our employees are safe and that we will be doing everything in our power to safeguard the well being of our employees.”

No further news has come out of the situation as of right now. There is no way to tell if the bomb threat is an active danger or an empty threat meant to unsettle and terrorize. The silver lining is that no harm has come from the threat at this time, as far as we know.

The entertainment industry has seen a lot of violence in the news lately. Earlier this week, a man was arrested in Japan for sending death threats to Square Enix. Before that, several mass shootings occurred in both in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, leaving 32 dead. After those events, President Donald Trump blamed video games for “glorification of violence in society.” And last month, respected anime studio Kyoto Animation was attacked by a violent arsonist, killing dozens.

All I can think to say is that I hope this threat against Bandai Namco turns out to be nothing. That, at the very least, means we can avoid another horrific tragedy.


Cody Morris
Cody is a fan of the niche and super niche. He has a strong preference for JRPGs or anything with a grind in it. He spends his spare time wishing he was writing more.

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