Mario Odyssey EGLX 2018

Lots of us are biding time in various ways until Super Mario Odyssey 2 is hopefully revealed. Me, I just write the occasional article pining for it. Others apparently beat the game with a blindfold on.

5:24:18 would normally not be an eyebrow-raising time for a Super Mario Odyssey speedrun. However, for a blindfolded Super Mario Odyssey speedrun, it’s unparalleled. On Monday, an unbelievably deep level of strategizing and planning let Katun24 accomplish this record-breaking time.

Per the rules for an Any% run, Katun24 beat the game in one sitting without using assist mode and without lifting off the blindfold at any point. Obviously, this took a lot of preparation–the streamer had nothing but sound to guide him through each level and the many moons, enemies, puzzles, and boss fights.

By virtue of Super Mario Odyssey being a very long, very much three-dimensional game, Katun24 also had to have contingencies in place. He had to successfully engineer routes based on careful memorization of where Mario spawns after death and he had to use the games various moves to reorient himself in a pinch. Specific scenarios could take hours of preparation–he said that the end of the game took over six hours to plan out.

While many would be satisfied after just getting to the end credits with a blindfold on, Katun24 sees more work to be done. He thinks that he can shave twenty minutes off of a Harriet boss fight alone!

Katun24’s preparation and routing on this speedrun has laid important groundwork for future Super Mario Odyssey blindfolded runs. As alluded to earlier, we could see a number of new players emerge, and the current record of 5:24:18 could be sliced down in an instant (or, more precisely, within five hours, twenty-four minutes, and seventeen seconds).


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