If you try to tackle a Pokémon raid in Pokémon GO by yourself, more often than not, you’re gonna have a bad time. The higher the raid level, the more powerful Pokémon and friends you’re going to need to claim victory and (maybe) catch that raid’s Pokémon. This month, Pokémon GO players are out to battle Rayquaza for the chance at a Shiny variant of the Sky High Pokémon. These Spheals, however, are out for revenge.

When Rayquaza first returned in raids in March, a group of trainers challenged themselves to combat the legendary dragon using only Spheal. They unfortunately came short at the time due to the raid timing out a few seconds early and loading hiccups ceasing all attacks for several seconds. Knowing that Rayquaza would return, this valiant team trained, invested a ton of Stardust and TMs to level up the Clap Pokémon, and waited for the hallowed day.

The new legend of Spheal Team 6

CuttyWow later shared his team’s story on Reddit:

Like any important mission, this was years in the making. MoFugginProfOak first had the idea during Rayquaza’s original release in winter 2018. As the months wore on, we hunted and kept the biggest Spheal we could find, eagerly anticipating the Sky High Pokemon’s return. Finally, finally our chance came—just before Easter, we gathered the troops and made an attempt.

We failed.

Our run was on pace, but four of our number suffered the white wheel of death, and stopped doing damage for 20-30 seconds. Despite that catastrophe, we were almost able to recover, but were timed out four seconds early, preventing us from launching the knockout Aurora Beams. The mood dropped palpably; Niantic birthed ten new #AntiPhantom2020 supporters on that dark day.

We returned to normal play, catching, hatching, and raiding, waiting for the shiny re-release we knew would eventually arrive. Which brings us to yesterday. Twenty-two trainers arrived at zero-hour; three would form our backup squad. We spread our resources around, so everyone had a team. Yes, stardust and TMs were invested. Then we attacked. And won.

Yesterday—glorious yesterday—our little Spheal defeated the god of the sky. Yesterday, our Spheal attained immortality.

We are…Spheal Team 6.

With Spheal dethroning the powerful Rayquaza, the little seal that could joins Arceus and Lord Helix in the Pokémon deity pantheon.

Personally, I just go with what’s recommended to me in-game for raids, but major kudos to Spheal Team 6 for doing the impossible! Did you manage to catch a Shiny Rayquaza yet? Let us know in the comments.


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