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Town, announced for Switch during the rather stellar September 2018 Nintendo Direct, is an upcoming RPG from Game Freak that has been kept under a very tight lid ever since its exciting reveal. Now, we might have a little bit more information on the title, as Game Freak has just trademarked Little Town Hero. Since Town was a working title, this could be the game’s final name. This hopefully points to some info coming soon, perhaps in the next Direct.

Town, or Little Town Hero, is set to be a smaller scale RPG that has players intimately learn one village setting. The description on the Nintendo store page goes a little more in-depth, and gets me and others unreasonably excited:

“The story is set in a small village. Under the protection of a great castle, the settlement enjoyed lasting peace. That is, until the sudden appearance of monsters.

Indeed, the entire story takes place in this one single village… Take up arms against invading monsters and strategically select from a variety of battle commands. When the situation calls for it, enlist the aid of fellow villagers to surmount powerful threats.

What secret does the village harbour?”

Town originally targeted a 2019 release date, but that does not seem like a possibility this deep in the calendar. However, what is almost certainly a new title in Little Town Hero could point to news coming soon. Is it time to start hyping the next Direct yet, folks?

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