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Nintendo recently launched a new and improved version of the standard Nintendo Switch model. It doesn’t seem that difference at a glance, but it features new internal components that help it achieve a better battery life. You can tell the different based on the packaging, as the new Switch features an all-red box. However, if that info is coming to you too late and you recently purchased the older model by mistake, we have good news. After following up on some reports online, I can confirm that Nintendo will give you a free upgrade, but only if you bought it after the enhanced model was announced.

Upgrade to an enhanced Switch

This story first surfaced when a Reddit user contacted Nintendo with a longshot request. He was hoping to trade in his two-year-old Switch for one of the fancy new enhanced Switch models. Obviously, this request was declined. However, Nintendo told him they would have exchanged it if it were purchased after July 17, 2019. I contacted Nintendo for clarification, and they confirmed that any old Switch bought after the new Switch was announced (on July 17) can be exchanged.

If you bought a standard Switch in the past month, get in contact with Nintendo. Their customer support number is 1 (800) 255-3700. You’ll still need to cover the shipping costs, but the actual console is a free upgrade. Considering it has significantly better battery life and an improved screen, that’s not a bad deal at all! At this time I can only confirm that Nintendo of America is offering this deal. The policy may vary by region.

A non-Nintendo deal

If you bought your standard Switch prior to this date, there’s still another deal available, just not through Nintendo. As we previously reported, GameStop is running a Switch trade-in special. If you trade in your old Switch, you can upgrade to the enhanced Switch for $75. That’s not quite as sweet of a deal, but it’s available to a much larger pool of customers.

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