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Many announcements have already come out of Game Freak during the ongoing Pokémon World Championships. We’ve learned about new items and abilities that will appear in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Game Freak has also revealed details about online modes and ranked competition in the upcoming games. Now, we have the first reveal of the upcoming TCG expansion, Pokémon V.

The Pokémon V TCG announcement came in the form of a video posted to the Official Pokémon YouTube channel. You can watch the full video below.

A closer look at Pokémon V, the TCG’s newest expansion

Pokémon V is the newest group of cards coming to the Pokémon TCG. Previously, the Trading Card Game has included many powerful Pokémon with unique abilities and powers. GX cards included Solgaleo, Lunala, Ultra Necrozma, Tapu Lele, Buzzwole, and Naganadel. GX Tag Team cards included Pikachu & Zekrom, Reshiram & Charizard, and Mew & Mewtwo. Other GX Tag Team cards featured trios, like Arceus, Dialga, & Palkia as well as Togepi, Cleffa, & Igglybuff.

Now, the TCG’s Pokémon V cards will feature the legendary Pokémon of Sword and Shield, Zacian and Zamazenta. While the full cards have not yet been revealed, we did get to see the bulk of their artwork. In addition, the trailer showed off one move from each of the cards.

Zacian V can use Brave Blade, a move that deals 230 damage. However, Zacian V will be unable to move during its next turn. This makes it comparable to moves like Hyper Beam and Giga Impact from the Pokémon games. Zamazenta V can attack with Assault Tackle. This move only deals 130 damage, but it allows the user to discard a Special Energy from their opponent’s Active Pokémon.

Both of these new cards also feature a special rule, though it’s one we’ve seen before. Just like GX cards, whenever the Pokémon V is knocked out, the opponent gets to take two prize cards. As a result, using Pokémon V cards can be a high risk / high reward strategy in the TCG. As for any additional powers that truly set V cards apart from the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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