Super Mario Maker 2 in-game movies Mario goes to the Cinema

Another spectacularly imaginative level has emerged in the ocean of Super Mario Maker 2 courses. This time around, it is “Mario goes to the Cinema” by creator Ralphus, with Course ID F15-Q8Y-XRF. It is what it sounds like. Mario has the option of viewing not one but two separate “movies” within the context of Super Mario Maker 2 level design. It is so clever!

One of the movies is about a Goomba’s quest for romance; he grieves the loss of one lover as he performs any number of death-defying feats in the pursuit of new love. (I’m sure there is a lot of deep psychology packed into it.) The other movie is essentially a horror thriller, full of jump scares and not much in the way of a cohesive narrative. Between the two, the Goomba romance is likely to be the one Spielberg remakes on a $100M budget.

We highlighted another spectacular Super Mario Maker 2 level recently, “3D Maze House,” which lets you traverse a first-person adventure maze. It even includes a map to help you navigate. Levels like these serve as wonderful examples of human ingenuity, and Nintendo deserves to feel good about enabling it.

If you have a favorite level of your own to share, be sure to do so in the comments!


John Friscia
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